RDR Service Offer

RDR Services is providing everything that an international business needs in one convenient package – consulting, supply, operate, export, import – by RDR professionals. RDR Services facilitate flexible data measure and analyze usage at the customer level, collection options, district level and system level and perform actions all along the network. The commercial strategy of RDR is focused primarily in South East Asia, Africa and Middle East countries with immediate availability for prompt deliveries. Collaboration with the main transport companies, in addition, the strategic position of our representative offices enables us to expeditiously reach any part in the world in less than no time. The Company now operates in more than 30 countries worldwide and has accepted the challenge to extend the frontiers of its possibilities by exploring any geographic area where its competence and expertise can contribute to the development of society.

Reaching Out Together

Working hand in hand with our customers, we are able to pick up ideas and trends as soon as they arise. This is the engine that drives the development of our innovative and high-quality service. Our solutions create a value-added that benefits our customers. Thanks to our close-knit consulting and servicing network. We quickly recognize market trends and implement them in cooperation with our customers.

Helping People Succeed

Competence means putting know-how into practice. In the course of human evolution, people who do consult, acquire more knowledge. RDR draws on expertise and experience from various fields and industries. By applying this knowledge to the development of tools and services, we enable our clients to achieve best practice results.


Our multi-disciplinary Approach and profound practical industry knowledge, expertise and competences help our clients to come across their market challenges and respond to the opportunities.


At RDR Energy, we put our efforts to realize your changing needs to help you plan your financial future and support you and your organization at every financial stage.


RDR Energy helps procurement organizations to be supplied with the best quality products, encompassing both chemicals and petrochemicals from remote location to almost anywhere across the world.


We are committed to provide the highest standards of customer service, and have served different customers packing needs across the world.

Trading through International commercial terms

All services provided by RDR Energy are completely covered by up-to-dated international commercial terms obliging it toward improvement of business performance and enhancing values.

Providing essential Documents

Operating in more than 30 countries, RDR Energy is now able to provide its esteemed customers with complete suite of documents that meets their needs through their commercial measures.

Doing inspection and laboratory test

Our motive RDR Energy is to make the quality control and customers product compliance procedure easier through the use of our services.

Delivering on time and reliable

RDR Energy offers a set of flexible, reliable and efficient overland procurement services encompassing all on-time road, ocean and inter modals.