in Different Grades and Packing Types

We Make Trade Happen
Our Mission is to Sustainably deliver profitable, diversified energy solutions through operational excellence, skilled workforce and effective partnership.

We Supply Base Oil, Lubricants & Wax
in different grades and packages

We Supply Rubber Process Oil
In different grades and packages

How We Make A Difference

RDR is not just a dynamic, fast-growing global trading company. We are a new breed of trading company, determined to make a real difference in today’s world business.

RDR does everything possible to make trading atmosphere easier. We source products from remote locations and can deliver on-time, on-spec shipments almost anywhere. We support producers, invest in terminals and transportation and meet the most demanding delivery mandates. We access, develop, service and sustain international commodity markets on behalf of producers and end-users. We invest in high-quality infrastructure and build innovative, end-to-end services that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers more effectively. Our activities help to create more efficient markets, reducing long-term costs for participants.

The skilled negotiators and multilingual staff familiar with different cultural behaviors and business negotiation styles whom can introduce companies and their products and never allow their products accidentally misrepresented. We can accept orders from potential buyers and arrange for them their desired products which may not even include in our product list and in final stage send the cargo to any part of the world.

Oil Industry – refinery factory

Our Mission

Sustainably deliver profitable, diversified energy solutions through operational excellence, skilled workforce and effective partnership.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is to grow physical trading volumes and revenues by delivering excellent customer service while managing operational and financial risk and optimizing efficiency.


Our Vision & Core Values

Our vision is to become world-class independent trading company delivering premium value to all stakeholders in petroleum and petrochemical industry by providing our clients with first class technical expertise and service, delivered through excellent marketing, documentation, operation and logistics hence creating values for our clients.


We have an integrated and inclusive business model that has served us, our people and our customers well, as RDR has grown rapidly, expanding into new markets, product areas and regions throughout the world. The real key to our success is the way we bring things together. We operate a downstream business, where we distribute and sell our products through our retail, wholesale and business-to-business relationships; and this is connected seamlessly to our midstream operations, through which we manage vast quantities of petroleum and petrochemical products, store them safely and transport them to wherever needed in the world.

Customer Partnership

  • Discovery, Research & Consulting for understanding customer needs

  • Supply / Purchase petroleum & petrochemical products

  • Develop close customer relationships globally Operation & Logistics

  • Export to all over the world

  • Investing & Financing

RDR Energy Service Offer:

Global trade brings the world closer together. It grows the wealth of nations, forges common interests and builds mutual trust, and we make it our mission to do that responsibly. We deploy infrastructure, skills and our global network to move physical commodities from places they are plentiful to where they are most needed. We have been connecting our customers to the global economy by advancing trade.
RDR’s core business is physical trading and logistics; our assets and investments complement and enhance these activities. With offices in main zones of the world, RDR’s network is truly global.
In a fragmented market where no single company has a dominant position, we are one of the world’s traders by big volume of oil, petroleum and petrochemical products.

Reaching Out Together

Working hand in hand with our customers, we are able to pick up ideas and trends as soon as they arise. This is the engine that drives the development of our innovative and high-quality service. Our solutions create a value-added that benefits our customers. Thanks to our close-knit consulting and servicing network. We quickly recognize market trends and implement them in cooperation with our customers.