CEO Message

We are not just a dynamic, fast-growing global trading company. We are a new breed of trading company, determined to make a real difference in today’s world business. We invest in high-quality infrastructure and build innovative, end-to-end services that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers more efficiently. Our activities help to create more efficient markets, reducing long-term costs for participants.  Working hand in hand with our customers, we are able to pick up ideas and trends as soon as they arise. This is the engine that drives the development of our innovative and high-quality service.

Broadly speaking, our strategy is not to build volume for our own sake but to seek critical mass across regions and product segments as a top-tier global player. Regionally, we further strengthened our position as a leading supplier and exporter of petroleum and petrochemical products and consolidated our position as one of the most active suppliers and purchasers of pensioned group of product.