Safety and Environmental


At RDR, one of the prime concern is safety considered as a fundamental value and the basis of our strategy. It is our honored to be known as the criterion on the part of safety in our business. To attain this purpose, we have drawn to ensure that safety is an indispensable part of our processes and guides our day to day actions. Safety is something crucial for us that everyone should pay attention to, including the managers, employees and etc.

Why it matters?
Exposed to innumerable risks in petroleum and petrochemical industry, we are regarding safety as our highest value. Not only do we consider safety to be a vital issue; we also recognize that safety guarantees the long-term growth of our operations.


The petroleum industry has played a significant role in the global economy for numerous years. Although it has provided the fuels that powered the engine of industrialization over 100 years, it can’t be ignored the harmful effects of its products on the environment. One of the immensely effect is releasing of waste into the environment in condensation that are not natural. Practically, in all circumstances, we could cut back on or eliminate the damaging effect by employing a proper waste management plan. RDR has contrived solutions formulated to help decrease the harmful effects on the environment within projects. Accordingly, RDR is committed to seek the aim of no harm to people as well as using energy and material efficiently to provide our products and services.